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How To Have a Fun Night Out (Even When You Have a Cold)

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Sometimes we can’t help but go out even when we’re not feeling our best. Make sure you still have a fun night out even if you’re sick with these tips.

When you’re feeling under the weather, it’s best to stay home, rest, drink liquids, and let your body recover — but we know that’s not always what we choose to do. Whether it’s just FOMO about missing a fun night, or a friend’s birthday that we feel we’re obligated to attend, sometimes we decide to go out even when we have a cold. Hey, we’re only human!

Whatever the case may be, if you decide to hit the town, here are ways to make sure you have a fun night out, even with a cold.

How To Have a Fun Night Even If You Don’t Feel Well

Wear a New Outfit

You might not feel your best, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best! That new dress that’s been staring at you from the hanger — throw it on. Who knows where the night may lead and who you may meet; you might as well look like a million bucks.

Get Your Hair Done

Not feeling up for curling or straightening your hair yourself? Don’t waste your energy! Instead head to a local salon or blow dry bar for a fresh ‘do, and have a pro do the heavy lifting. You can rest and relax during the process, and you’re guaranteed to look great when you leave.

Prepare For Feeling Lousy

You know you’re not feeling great, so it’s a good idea to take some medicine to help prevent you dragging and being miserable the whole evening. Throw a Theraflu PowerPod into your single-serve brewer and brew up a warm and soothing cup of Theraflu that you can sip on while you get ready. The pods house medicine that works fast on nasal congestion, cough, body aches, headaches, fever, and sore throat symptoms.

Have Your Bedtime Routine Prepped

While it may be hard to put on a smile and chat all night when you’re not feeling one hundred percent, knowing that your comfy, cozy bed is waiting for you when you get home might make things a little easier. Lay out your pajamas ahead of time and maybe even add an extra blanket to your bed before you go out. Plan to sleep in the following morning to allow your body to recover from what you can only hope will be a fun night out.