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What to Drink When You Have the Flu:

Find out what you can drink to stay hydrated when you have the flu.

It appears you’ve developed the flu, and you’re beginning to wonder what good self-care looks like to help your body recover. Well, you’re not alone! Plenty of people who develop a cold or flu have myths about what to drink, how to stay hydrated, and what to stay away from. Below we discuss what to drink when you have the flu to help soothe you, and keep you hydrated. These cold and flu drinks are excellent to help you or your loved ones when you are feeling under the weather.

Drinking fluids while you’re sick is an important part of helping you beat whatever your body is fighting. In fact, recovering as quickly as possible is contingent on your dedication to eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of fluids.1 Your body’s ability to compensate for all of the water loss it experiences while you have the flu is much harder.1 If you experience symptoms such as sweating or a fever, your body might become dehydrated, which makes drinking fluids a priority.


Water and hot fluids are some of the best liquids you can consume when you have the flu. Hot drinks are a good choice as the hot steam may help relieve nasal congestion. When it comes to warm fluids, consider drinking:

  • Herbal teas
  • Honey and lemon tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Your favorite broth1

If you would prefer drinking something other than hot fluids, consider:

  • Fruit juice
  • Ginger ale

While there are several fluids that you should be drinking when you are battling the flu, there are also a few culprits that you should avoid. Any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages should be excluded from your diet until you have recovered. Both of these may cause dehydration, which can slow down your recovery process.1 Holding yourself accountable to drink fluids while you’re sick can help ensure you’re staying hydrated. Set an alarm every so often during the day to remind you to take sips of your favorite drink. Another possible solution to consider is having someone at home remind you to drink your fluids every so often during the day. You will find that the more you diligently drink fluids, the better your body will feel over time.

We hope this list on what to drink when you have the flu will help you get through cold and flu season. For more tips on cold and flu season, or even how to help avoid the cold and flu, be sure to check out the Theraflu website

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