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A woman is sat on a sofa. She is blowing her nose and looking at a digital thermometer


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Learn about how to relieve different cold and flu symptoms.

A runny nose, headache, congestion, persistent coughing, and sneezing are just some of the things we experience when sick with a cold or the flu. Read our articles that provide informative research on what causes these symptoms and different methods to relieve them. Learn what you can do to begin to feel better while you recover.

Older woman experiencing chest congestion on park bench

Chest Congestion Remedies: How to Treat Chest Congestion

Explore chest congestion remedies with Theraflu. Read this article to discover different ways to treat chest congestion, and get relief today.

Young woman a tissue to her nose with sinus pain

Sinus Problems Guide

Learn about the different types of sinus problems with Theraflu. Be on the lookout for signs of flu, cold, infection, and other sinus issues.

Young woman that is sick blowing her nose and huddling under a blanket.

Recovering from Fatigue After the Flu

Learn about recovering from fatigue that sets in after the flu with information from Theraflu. Read more about post-flu fatigue and how long it lasts.

Woman laying in bed with aches and pains from the flu.

How to Relieve Aches in Your Body from the Flu

Learn how to relieve aches in your body from the flu with help from Theraflu. Explore how long body aches last from the flu and what you can do about them.

Woman holding thermometer in hand.

What Is a Low-Grade Fever? Causes and Treatment

Learn what a low-grade fever is with Theraflu®. Discover what the symptoms are for a low-grade fever, the potential causes, and options for treatment.

Woman experiencing a sinus headache

What Is a Sinus Headache?

Get your questions answered with this guide to sinus headaches from Theraflu. What is a sinus headache? How long do sinus headaches last? Read on to find out.

Man with a cold blowing nose into a tissue

Nasal Congestion

Learn the basics of nasal congestion with Theraflu. Don't let nasal congestion get you down –learn what causes it, how long it lasts and how to treat it.

A man sat at a kitchen counter is holding his hand to his throat and looks in pain

What Is a Sore Throat?

Find out exactly what a sore throat is, what causes it, how to treat a sore throat, symptoms to look out for, and more with this helpful guide from Theraflu.

A woman sitting at a desk with a computer in front of her is coughing

How to Manage an Annoying Cough

Learn how to manage an annoying cough with this article from Theraflu. Find out what could be causing your cough and tips on how to relieve it.

Woman with sinus congestion

What Is Sinus Congestion?

Find out ways to remedy sinus congestion, what causes sinus congestion, symptoms and more with this article from Theraflu. Get relief from sinus congestion.

A man is seated on a sofa holding his neck. He looks in pain.

What Causes Body Aches?

Find out what causes body aches and how to treat them when you have the cold or flu. Theraflu has all the resources you need to find relief.

A woman who is working on a computer is holding her hands to her head in pain

What Is a Headache?

Discover what is happening in your body when you have a headache. Learn tips from Theraflu on how to relieve your headache and how to prevent its causes.

A man is sitting on a sofa and coughing

What Is Chest Congestion?

Learn the symptoms of chest congestion and how to relieve them with these tips from Theraflu. Discover the causes of chest congestion and remedies you can use.

Woman in bed looking at a thermometer

What Is a Fever?

Read about different fever symptoms and how the flu & fevers are related with this article from Theraflu. Learn more about what a fever is and its causes.

A woman is sitting at a table and adding a slice of lemon to a cup of tea. A plate of lemon and ginger slices and a pot of honey are also on the table.}

Best Food & Drinks for a Sore Throat

A sore throat can make eating and drinking uncomfortable. Try these easy-to-swallow food and drink suggestions from Theraflu to help soothe your sore throat.

Man sneezing into tissue

What Causes Sneezing?

Learn how to stop sneezing, what it means when you sneeze, different causes, & more. If your sneezes are caused by a cold or flu, Theraflu can help.

man coughing into fist

How to Relieve a Cough

Discover how to relieve a cough at home with these tips from Theraflu. Learn how a cold or flu can cause a cough and the steps you can do to ease it.

Woman drinking hot beverage at home

Causes of Congestion in Chest

Learn about the causes of chest congestion and cough with Theraflu. Find out why you may have congestion in your chest based on the symptoms you might have.

A woman in a gray sweater is outside coughing into fist

Managing Your Cough: How Theraflu Works on Coughs

Learn more about how to manage coughing with Theraflu.

Man sitting on couch holding his throat in pain

Home Remedies to Help Treat a Sore Throat

Learn more about what causes sore throats and finding relief from them.

Man sitting on couch holding his throat in pain

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Learn how to clear a stuffy nose with this article from Theraflu. Discover the different causes of stuffy noses and how you can treat them at home.

Woman experiencing sinus pressure pinches her nose

How to Relieve Sinus Pressure

Learn how to relieve sinus pressure with this guide from Theraflu. Find sinus pressure relief using over-the-counter treatments and home remedies.

African American man coughs into his hand

What Causes a Dry Cough?

Learn what causes a dry cough. Theraflu has helpful information about everyday irritants and health conditions that may lead to a dry cough.

Woman eating soup with a plate of lemon and ginger on the table

Home Remedies for the Flu

Explore these home remedies for the flu so you can ease your symptoms from home. Combine these remedies with a soothing cup of Theraflu for some quick relief.