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Parenting While Sick with the Flu

Learn more about parenting while you’re sick with the flu.

Getting sick while you’re a parent is when instead of taking care of your family, you need someone to comfort and take care of you. Of course, we always strive to be the best mom or dad we can be, but when those cold or flu symptoms start coming on, who wouldn’t rather pull the covers over their head all day?

So you’ve been hit with a bad case of the flu. As much as we’d like to pretend we’re invincible, there’s at least one day a year when we’ll have to suck it up and be a full-time parent while we’re sick. Read on for some real-world ideas for parenting while getting through the flu.

How To Parent When You Have The Flu

Stock Those Cupboards Beforehand

Before you even get sick, make sure your cupboards are full of items you may need during cold and flu season. Be sure to stock up on tea, cough drops, extra soft tissues, vitamins, and Theraflu products way before symptoms hit, because once your real sick day arrives, you will not have the energy to load your kids into the car and get yourself all of the supplies you need. Having the essentials on hand when you’re sick will be extremely convenient, and they’re always important to have around in the event that another member of your family catches a bug.

Theraflu Multi-Symptom Severe Cold Hot Liquid Powder packets are a great item to have in the cupboard when you’re sick. Simply pour the powder into a hot cup of water, and within seconds you’ve got a warm and soothing cup of Theraflu that provides powerful relief for your cold and flu symptoms.


Stay Hydrated

It’s always a hectic time when you have to parent while being sick. One of the most important things you can do for yourself  is to remember to drink plenty of fluids. Drink clear fluids such as water, broth, sports drinks with electrolytes or warm tea to keep your body hydrated.1 Staying hydrated is super important when you’re sick, so even taking little sips at a time will be beneficial for you. Have a glass of water or a cup of tea by your side at all times so you can remember to stay hydrated. It’s always important to hydrate, but it’s especially important when you’re sick and working hard to take care of your kids. Drinking plenty of fluids when you’re feeling sick can help to flush out all the bad stuff faster and go back to being the best parent you can be.


Leave the Chores Behind

Another thing that is a must while enduring a sick day with the kids at home is to simply leave the house a mess. Abandon the dishes in the sink and laundry in the hamper. These chores can wait until either your partner gets home or until you actually start to feel better. Cooking meals certainly doesn’t have to be an option either. Everyone knows that the best meals are homecooked, but cooking requires a lot of movement and standing. Stay away from the kitchen for the night and order some takeout from a restaurant that you and your family love going to. If you try to take on too much while you’re feeling sick (i.e., doing seven loads of laundry), it will only slow your healing down. Get your rest!


Accept Help From Others

You need to focus on yourself when you’re sick, and having an extra set of eyes to help watch your little ones can help alleviate some stress. Have your partner or an older child help you out with the kids if they can, or find some friends or family who can help. Of course it isn’t always ideal to invite someone over when you’re sick, so make sure you disinfect surfaces and household items and wear a face mask before someone comes over.

Even if you think you can handle it all, any form of help would be beneficial to you when you’re feeling sick. Help can come in smaller ways, like having someone run an errand or pick up the kids from school for you. The most important thing you need at the moment is to stay put and rest.


Talk to Your Kids

Be open with your kids about how you’re feeling. Even toddlers are old enough to understand when mom or dad says something like, “I am feeling pretty tired and sick today.”

As long as it’s a rare occurrence, there’s nothing wrong with plopping the kiddos in front of cartoons for a while so you can have some downtime. After all, we’re parents, not superheroes. In the end, what really matters is that your kids know you love them, even when you’ve got the sniffles.

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