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Do Hand Sanitizers Really Help Kill Germs?

When it comes to avoiding cold and flu germs, properly washing our hands has been shown to help prevent about 20 percent of respiratory infections (like colds). So if clean hands are so important in preventing the spread of germs, what about hand sanitizers? Do they work just as well?

Do Hand Sanitizers Really Work?

While washing our hands with soap and water is the best way to reduce germs, the CDC says that hand sanitizers do indeed work if there are no sinks to be found around you.

The CDC also cautions that not using enough sanitizer, or wiping it off before it has dried completely, can cut down on its effectiveness. With this in mind, follow your sanitizer directions properly, and let it dry before doing anything else with your hands.

While hand sanitizers can do their job properly on clean hands, if your hands are really greasy or dirty (from activities like sports, gardening, camping, etc.), they may not work as well.

Hand Sanitizers May Keep You From Getting a Cold

A study conducted on over 100 people in an office setting in 2010 found that regular use of hand sanitizers “reduced the number of episodes of illness” when it came to the common cold and fever, so it’s safe to say that if you work in a big office, keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk could help prevent you from having to take a bunch of sick days!

Other Ways to Deal With Colds and Flu

Sometimes, even when we do all the right things to protect ourselves, cold and flu viruses still catch us. If you’re currently dealing with any of those annoying symptoms — headache, fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, and body aches — Theraflu PowerPods. can help get you back to your daily routine fast. Pop a pod into a single-serve brewing machine, and experience powerful medicine that relieves your cold and flu symptoms in the form of a hot, soothing liquid. Theraflu, along with adequate rest and hydration, can help you get back on your feet — and back to your hand-sanitizing ways — in no time!

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