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Theraflu Powerful Relief So You Can Recover

For fast day and night relief from the symptoms of cold and flu, reach for Theraflu – and get the power to feel better. Theraflu products act fast to relieve your cold and flu symptoms, including nasal congestion, sore throat, headache, body aches, fever, and sinus congestion.

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Effective Cold and Flu Relief on Your Terms

Theraflu is a cold and flu medicine formulated to fit your lifestyle. Alleviate symptoms of cold and flu without a prescription using Theraflu Hot Liquid Powders, Theraflu  ExpressMax Syrups, and Theraflu ExpressMax Caplets. The Theraflu ExpressMax Daytime and Nighttime Severe Cold and Cough range can help relieve cold and flu symptoms for up to four hours per dose. 


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Theraflu – Effective Cold and Flu Relief on Your Terms

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About Theraflu

With a variety of Theraflu products available, it’s important to understand why a particular one may be the best option to help treat your cold and flu symptoms. Explore resources on Theraflu to learn more about the different products, ingredients, and more.

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