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How to Relieve Aches in Your Body from the Flu

As if having symptoms of the flu like fever, sore throat and congestion weren't bad enough, body aches and the flu often go hand in hand. Not everyone will have the same symptoms when they are sick, but body aches and fatigue are fairly common in people suffering from the flu.i

Typically, rest and plenty of fluids are all you need to treat the flu,ii but we’ve collected some extra tips and tricks for treating the body aches you may be experiencing. Here are a few tips on how to relive aches in your body from flu:

Apply Heat

The first step you can try when you encounter the flu and body aches is to apply heat to the affected area. Heat can help relieve body pain. If you're running a fever, try to avoid hot showers or baths for the moment. Those have the potential to make your fever worse or cause dizziness. Instead, focus on applying heat with a heating pad or heated blanket. If you need to, you can try a lukewarm bath.

Take a Pain Reliever

If your body aches aren't going away with heat or rest, try taking an over-the-counter pain reliever like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). Pain medications can help you feel more comfortable, but consult with your doctor if you are taking any other medications that may interact with NSAIDs. 

Get Plenty of Rest & Hydration

To help your body on its path to recovery, get plenty of rest and hydration. Don't force yourself to do too much and make your body aches any worse. Drinking plenty of liquids will help your body heal from flu symptoms. 

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

Another way to relieve body aches from the flu is to avoid strenuous physical activity. If your body is already hurting and fatigued, don't try to push yourself into an exercise regimen. Working out too soon can stress out your body and make your aches worse. Gentle exercise like a short walk or stretching are better options if you're feeling cooped up. 

Now you have some techniques on how to relieve aches in your body from flu! Try these methods above and make sure to get rest, stay hydrated and eat some nourishing food. Explore Theraflu products to manage your flu symptoms and learn more about early signs of the flu. If your symptoms get worse, make sure to reach out to your doctor or healthcare provider. 

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