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The Right to Rest and Recovery


Rest and recovery shouldn’t be an issue of access


It’s simple - people need time to rest and recover. But we live in a “push through” culture that may punish people for taking time off. Many worry that if they call in sick, they’ll miss out on pay. So, while taking the time to rest and recover may be the wise choice, it's not as easy for those without a safety net. As barriers and life’s obligations mount, sickness becomes a cycle and rest remains out of reach.


When we’re sick, we deserve the right to rest and recover. It’s time to make rest a right, not a privilege.

Poet and activist Suzen Baraka’s Some Heroes tells us why rest is so important 




For many families, it’s financially impossible to take even one day of unpaid sick time. Theraflu is partnering with Good+Foundation to create the Rest & Recover Fund – a $150,000 microgrant program designed to help offset lost wages from 1,000 unpaid sick days to support parents facing the financial and logistical challenges of taking a day to rest and recover from an unexpected mild illness.

Good+Foundation is a leading national non-profit that works to dismantle multigenerational poverty by pairing tangible goods with innovative services for low-income fathers, mothers, and caregivers, creating an upward trajectory for the whole family.

Theraflu’s 2021 Temperature Check

The Postive Impact

Over 60% of grantees, especially parents, identify food as their top concern when they are faced with a day of lost wages, so every single one of the programs that receive grants will include money to help supplement food budget. 



Mariama, a single mom, works as a hair stylist and had to cancel several days of appointments when her son came down with a bad cold. She did not want to expose her clients to any germs or illness, but the loss of wages caused a huge financial strain on her budget and ability to pay for her family’s regular expenses, primarily rent and food. The Right to Rest and Recover Fund means that moms like Mariama do not have to carry the burden of lost wages, and can instead focus on caring for their children when they’re sick. The fund truly makes a difference in the lives of families.

-Mariama’s impact story

Names of recipients have been changed and alternate photos appear

Future ambitions

Theraflu is fighting for a flu-safe future. The Rest & Recover Fund is a good starting point to help Americans get access to the rest and recovery they need. However, there’s still much more work to be done. Our goal is to continue challenging perceptions, providing support, and ultimately advocating for policy changes.

Because we won’t rest, until everyone can. 

*Statistics are based on the results of OnePoll’s survey of 2,000 employed Americans, conducted on behalf of Theraflu.