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The path to health starts with effective treatment.

Explore resources about cold and flu treatment including top tips and tricks from the experts at Theraflu. From the science behind the flu shot to how to support your immune system with home remedies, we’ve got you covered when it comes to treating your symptoms.


Older woman experiencing chest congestion on park bench

Chest Congestion Remedies: How to Treat Chest Congestion

Explore chest congestion remedies with Theraflu. Read this article to discover different ways to treat chest congestion, and get relief today.

Young woman a tissue to her nose with sinus pain

Sinus Problems Guide

Learn about the different types of sinus problems with Theraflu. Be on the lookout for signs of flu, cold, infection, and other sinus issues.

Young woman that is sick blowing her nose and huddling under a blanket.

Recovering from Fatigue After the Flu

Learn about recovering from fatigue that sets in after the flu with information from Theraflu. Read more about post-flu fatigue and how long it lasts.

Woman laying in bed with aches and pains from the flu.

How to Relieve Aches in Your Body from the Flu

Learn how to relieve aches in your body from the flu with help from Theraflu. Explore how long body aches last from the flu and what you can do about them.

Woman with a fever looking at thermometer

How to Treat a Fever

Learn how to treat a fever with this helpful guide from Theraflu. We discuss fever symptoms, how to get fever relief when you need it and more.

Woman holding thermometer in hand.

What Is a Low-Grade Fever? Causes and Treatment

Learn what a low-grade fever is with Theraflu®. Discover what the symptoms are for a low-grade fever, the potential causes, and options for treatment.

Woman experiencing a sinus headache

What Is a Sinus Headache?

Get your questions answered with this guide to sinus headaches from Theraflu. What is a sinus headache? How long do sinus headaches last? Read on to find out.

Close up cropped image thirsty woman holding glass drinks still water preventing dehydration

Staying Hydrated When Sick

Learn about the importance of staying hydrated when you’re sick with these tips from Theraflu. See what liquids are best to consume when under the weather.

Doctor speaking with patient

Top 3 Reasons You Need to See a Doctor Annually

Learn why you should see your doctor for your yearly check-up, even if you are healthy. Theraflu has some of the top reasons to see your doctor annually.

woman sitting sneezing on couch

COVID vs. Flu vs. Cold

Learn about COVID vs. flu vs. cold symptoms with help from Theraflu. Gain a better understanding of the important differences between COVID, the flu and a cold.

Woman sneezing in the winter

Why Do I Get Sick in the Winter?

Find out why people tend to get sick in the winter. Theraflu has a list of reasons why cold and flu season tends to be in the colder months.

Sick man eating soup

4 Foods and Drinks to Make When You Feel Sick

Learn about the best foods and drinks to make when you’re sick. Theraflu has a list of beverages and foods that may help relieve a cold or flu.

sick person lying in bed with forehead compress

Cold and Flu Season Tips

Discover Theraflu’s cold and flu season tips to lower your risk of getting sick. Learn how changing your diet, exercising, and cleaning more may help you.

woman exercising at the gym

Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

Learn if you should work out when you are sick. Discover Theraflu’s tips on exercising so that you can look your best even when you’re not feeling your best.

Cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans

Can You Drink Coffee When You Feel Sick?

Answer your questions about drinking coffee while sick with Theraflu. It can be hard to start the day without coffee, but sometimes it’s better to skip it.

A woman is sitting at a table and adding a slice of lemon to a cup of tea. A plate of lemon and ginger slices and a pot of honey are also on the table.}

Best Food & Drinks for a Sore Throat

A sore throat can make eating and drinking uncomfortable. Try these easy-to-swallow food and drink suggestions from Theraflu to help soothe your sore throat.

Depressed sad young addicted man feeling bad drinking beer alone at home

Should You Drink Alcohol When You Have a Cold?

Find out from Theraflu why drinking alcohol while sick can be a bad idea. If you’re not feeling well, you should think twice about drinking that glass of wine.

Hands in blue rubber gloves spraying cleaner on a countertop

How to Clean Your House After the Flu

Discover tips on how to disinfect your house after the flu with Theraflu. Learn the ways in which you should disinfect high-touch surfaces within your home.

Person in hospital scrubs and mask filling a vaccine needle from a bottle

How the Flu Shot Works

Learn how the flu shot works with help from Theraflu. Explore when and why you should get the flu shot as well as effectiveness.

Woman pressing hands to temples while sitting on couch

What Are the First Signs of the Flu?

What Are the First Signs of the Flu? With help from Theraflu, learn about the first three symptoms of the flu so you can help yourself earlier.

Young woman with flu lying in bed reading a thermometer

How to Treat the Flu Early

Learn about fighting early flu symptoms from Theraflu. Read this article to find out how to fight pesky flu symptoms from the moment they start.

Young sick woman lying in bed eating broth off of a bed tray

Flu Recovery Timeline

Learn about the different stages of flu recovery from Theraflu. Read this article today to find out more about the flu and how long it lasts.

Healthy people jogging with dog

Tips for Flu Recovery

Learn how to recover from flu with tips for flu recovery from Theraflu. From hydration to sleep, we'll have you on the way to flu recovery in no time.

father taking his child’s temperature with a thermometer

How to Avoid the Flu When Your Family is Sick

Learn how to avoid the flu when your family has it with Theraflu. Get tips on how to avoid getting the flu from family like disinfecting surfaces and more.

Doctor administering flu shot into arm of masked patient

Who Should Get the Flu Shot

Who should get the flu shot and who shouldn't? Explore medical guidelines on flu complications, including who should get a flu shot and why, with Theraflu.

Doctor wearing gloves administering flu shot into arm of patient

Flu Shot Benefits

Learn about flu shot benefits from Theraflu. Explore benefits of getting the flu shot and how it helps reduce flu infections, hospitalizations and symptoms.

Woman drinking hot tea

What to Drink When You Have the Flu

Find out what to drink when you have the flu with Theraflu. We cover cold and flu drinks to help you hydrate and recover when you are experiencing symptoms.

Sick woman working from home at computer

How to Treat Flu Symptoms

Learn how to treat flu symptoms with tips from Theraflu. Treating flu symptoms can help give you some much needed relief as you start to recover.

A woman sitting in a chair is holding a mug and blowing her nose into a tissue.

What Causes Frequent Colds?

Find out why you have frequent colds throughout the year. Learn things you can change in your everyday life to lower your risk of getting colds.

Woman sneezing into tissue holding a mug

What Is a Head Cold?

Find out what causes a head cold, how it’s spread, and the possible treatments if you have one. Learn things you can do at home to relieve you of your symptoms.

Woman with sweater and scarf holding mug

Reasons Your Cold Won’t Go Away

Find out why you can’t get rid of your common cold with this guide from Theraflu. Learn what you can do at home to relieve your symptoms until you fully recover.

A woman is sitting in bed eating soup

Is Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever True?

Find out if that old saying, feed a cold, starve a fever is true. Learn Theraflu’s tips on how to relieve your symptoms whether you have a cold or a fever.

A man and woman are walking down a forest path with a dog on a leash

When Is Cold and Flu Season?

Find out when cold and flu season happens in your area with help from Theraflu. Learn more about what you can do to lower your risk of getting sick.

Man in grey shirt pouring supplements into his hand

Is Zinc Good for Colds?

Find out if taking zinc is good for colds. Learn tips from Theraflu on what you can do at home and what you can take to relieve your symptoms of a cold.

A woman is outside during the spring and is blowing her nose

The Differences Between a Cold, the Flu, and Allergies

Learn the differences between a cold, the flu, and allergies with these notes from Theraflu. Determine which one you might have based on your symptoms.

A woman looking tired is sitting and holding a glass of water

Early Signs of the Cold and Flu

Learn how to recognize the early signs of the cold and flu with these tips from Theraflu. Discover how to relieve your symptoms quickly while you recover.

A man in bed is holding a mug and has a hand to his forehead

How Long Do Cold or Flu Symptoms Last?

Find out how long cold and flu symptoms last from Theraflu. Learn natural things you can do at home to relieve those annoying symptoms as soon as possible.

Sick women wearing scarf blows nose on couch

What Causes the Flu?

Discover what causes the flu and how to lower your risk of getting it with these tips from Theraflu. Learn about the different types of flu viruses out there.

Woman sneezing into tissue with blanket around her shoulders

How to Get Rid of a Cold

Find out how to get rid of a cold fast with these tips from Theraflu. Learn what you can do at home to quickly relieve your runny nose, congestion, and cough.

Child with fever being taken care of by mother

How To Avoid Catching a Cold From Your Kids

Learn how to avoid catching a cold from your kids with Theraflu. Use these tips to keep you and  your family well while nursing a sick child back to health

Young man sitting at a desk blowing his nose

How Long Is the Flu or a Cold Contagious?

Discover how long the flu or a cold is contagious with Theraflu. Avoid spreading the flu and colds by learning how they spread and how to avoid infection.

Woman holding her hand to her forehead and looking at a thermometer

What Is the Flu?

Learn more about the flu and how to know if you have it with Theraflu. Stay informed about the influenza virus and find out how you can ease symptoms.

A man is sitting on the sofa under a blanket blowing his nose

Getting Over the Common Cold

Discover tips and tricks for getting over the common cold with Theraflu. Learn more about what the common cold is and how to handle symptoms.

A woman sitting at a desk with a computer in front of her is coughing

How to Manage an Annoying Cough

Learn how to manage an annoying cough with this article from Theraflu. Find out what could be causing your cough and tips on how to relieve it.

Cup of hot tea

Can Ginseng Cure My Cold?

Learn whether or not ginseng can cure your common cold with this article from Theraflu. Understand the science behind why ginseng might help with colds.

Woman looking at thermometer

Why Do We Get the Chills When We Have a Fever?

Discover all you need to know about the link between fever and chills with Theraflu. Learn about chills and sweats without fever, too, and what causes them.

A man is sitting on a sofa and coughing

What Is Chest Congestion?

Learn the symptoms of chest congestion and how to relieve them with these tips from Theraflu. Discover the causes of chest congestion and remedies you can use.

A woman who is working on a computer is holding her hands to her head in pain

What Is a Headache?

Discover what is happening in your body when you have a headache. Learn tips from Theraflu on how to relieve your headache and how to prevent its causes.

A man is seated on a sofa holding his neck. He looks in pain.

What Causes Body Aches?

Find out what causes body aches and how to treat them when you have the cold or flu. Theraflu has all the resources you need to find relief.

Man with a cold blowing nose into a tissue

Cold and Flu Symptoms: Nasal Congestion

Learn the basics of nasal congestion with Theraflu. Don't let nasal congestion get you down –learn what causes it, how long it lasts and how to treat it.

Woman in bed looking at a thermometer

What Is a Fever?

Read about different fever symptoms and how the flu & fevers are related with this article from Theraflu. Learn more about what a fever is and its causes.

Man on couch with cool forehead compress and thermometer

When to Call in Sick

Find out when you should stay home from work if you’re sick. Learn suggestions from Theraflu on how to determine if your symptoms are contagious.

Woman coughing into her arm

Cold and Flu Prevention

Discover methods from Theraflu for cold and flu prevention. Learn what you can do at home, in school, at work, and outside to lower your risk of getting sick.

Woman with sinus congestion

What Is Sinus Congestion?

Find out ways to remedy sinus congestion, what causes sinus congestion, symptoms and more with this article from Theraflu. Get relief from sinus congestion.

A man sat at a kitchen counter is holding his hand to his throat and looks in pain

What Is a Sore Throat?

Find out exactly what a sore throat is, what causes it, how to treat a sore throat, symptoms to look out for, and more with this helpful guide from Theraflu.

A woman is getting a shot from a medical professional

Flu Shot Myths vs. Facts

Learn about misconceptions about the flu shot. Theraflu outlines flu shot myths vs. facts to help you protect yourself with the flu vaccine.

Vaccine shot close up

Here Are the Facts About the Influenza Vaccine

Get all the facts about the Influenza vaccine without any of the myths or misconceptions. Theraflu is here to help you stay safe during flu season.

A woman is on the sofa with a blue scarf around her neck, holding a mug

How to Treat Cold and Flu Symptoms

Get on the road to recovery with expert advice on how to treat cold and flu symptoms –including easy home remedies and over-the-counter medicines from Theraflu that help you find relief.

Mug of hot tea, herbs

At-Home Cold Remedies

Beat the common cold with our effective at-home remedies that can help you relieve your cold symptoms fast. Theraflu is here to help you feel better ASAP.

Man with cold or flu sleeping peacefully

11 Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep When You’re Sick

Get plenty of rest with Theraflu’s tips for getting a good night’s sleep even when sleeping with a cold. Find relief and ease your symptoms with Theraflu.

A woman is holding a bowl of fruits, there is a bottle of milk next to her

Secrets to Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Protect yourself and your family this cold and flu season with Theraflu’s simple tips & tricks for staying healthy. Having these tips in your toolbox will make navigating the season a breeze.

A man is wrapped in a duvet on the sofa. He is holding a hand to his head and holding a glass of water

Strange Facts about the Flu Virus

Learn more on unusual facts about the flu with Theraflu. Discover facts about the flu that you may not have considered and tips to avoid spreading.

A tired woman is sitting next to a child that is jumping on the couch

How To Survive The Flu When You Have Kids

Discover tips and tricks on parenting while you’re sick with the flu with Theraflu. Learn about how to take care of your kids while taking care of yourself.

Man sneezing into tissue

What Causes Sneezing?

Learn how to stop sneezing, what it means when you sneeze, different causes, & more. If your sneezes are caused by a cold or flu, Theraflu can help.

A man is sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and holding a tissue to his face as if he is blowing his nose

How to Avoid the Cold or Flu

Explore tips from Theraflu to help prevent the cold and flu virus this season. Catching the cold or flu can disrupt your daily life, but it isn’t unavoidable.

man coughing into fist

How to Relieve a Cough

Discover how to relieve a cough at home with these tips from Theraflu. Learn how a cold or flu can cause a cough and the steps you can do to ease it.

Woman drinking hot beverage at home

Causes of Congestion in Chest

Learn about the causes of chest congestion and cough with Theraflu. Find out why you may have congestion in your chest based on the symptoms you might have.

Man working from home drinking coffee

Working From Home While Sick

Learn how to make working from home while sick more productive with these tips from Theraflu. With the right approach, you can power through your sick day.

A man is sat on the sofa coughing into a tissue and looking at a thermometer

Cold and Flu: Do’s and Don’ts

Explore the do’s and don’ts with tackling the flu or a cold with Theraflu. Learn more about what commonly used tips work and what doesn’t work.

A woman in a gray sweater is outside coughing into fist

Managing Your Cough: How Theraflu Works on Coughs

Learn more about how to manage coughing with Theraflu.

Person washing hands with soap and water under a faucet

How Cold and Flu Viruses Spread

Find out how cold and flu viruses spread with Theraflu. Learn helpful tips to protect yourself against the cold and flu viruses to minimize spreading.

Man sitting on couch holding his throat in pain

Home Remedies to Help Treat a Sore Throat

Learn more about what causes sore throats and finding relief from them.

An older woman wrapped in a blanket is sitting on the sofa blowing her nose and holding a mug

What Causes a Common Cold?

Discover why the common cold is so contagious with this guide from Theraflu. Knowing how the common cold spreads can help you prevent getting sick.

A man is sitting up in bed with a mug and a box of tissues

What is the Common Cold?

Learn more about common cold symptoms and treatments from Theraflu. It’s easy to mistake a cold for the flu—find out how to tell the difference.

A man is with his 2 children in the bathroom, they are brushing their teeth

Share Your Home, Not Your Cold

Feel safe in the comfort of your own home with Theraflu’s simple tips and tricks for cleaning and sanitizing your home for the upcoming cold and flu season.

elderly couple looking at computer screen with confused expressions

Cold Vs. Flu: What Is the Difference?

Learn about the difference between the cold vs. the flu with this guide from Theraflu. Learn to distinguish between the two so you can treat your symptoms.