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A woman is sitting on a sofa under a blanket holding a cup of tea and a tissue to her nose.


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Find out everything you need to know about the common cold.  

The common cold and the discomfort that can come along with cold symptoms are something we’ve all experienced. Explore our collection of educational resources and get your questions about the common cold answered here, from symptoms to treatment and everything in between.    

Woman sneezing sitting on couch

COVID vs. Flu vs. Cold

Learn about COVID vs. flu vs. cold symptoms with help from Theraflu. Gain a better understanding of the important differences between COVID, the flu and a cold.

Depressed sad young addicted man feeling bad drinking beer alone at home

Should You Drink Alcohol When You Have a Cold?

Find out from Theraflu why drinking alcohol while sick can be a bad idea. If you’re not feeling well, you should think twice about drinking that glass of wine.

Man in grey shirt pouring supplements into his hand

Is Zinc Good for Colds?

Find out if taking zinc is good for colds. Learn tips from Theraflu on what you can do at home and what you can take to relieve your symptoms of a cold.

A woman is outside during the spring and is blowing her nose

The Differences Between a Cold, the Flu, and Allergies

Learn the differences between a cold, the flu, and allergies with these notes from Theraflu. Determine which one you might have based on your symptoms.

Cup of hot tea

Can Ginseng Cure My Cold?

Learn whether or not ginseng can cure your common cold with this article from Theraflu. Understand the science behind why ginseng might help with colds.

Child with fever being taken care of by mother

How To Avoid Catching a Cold From Your Kids

Learn how to avoid catching a cold from your kids with Theraflu. Use these tips to keep you and  your family well while nursing a sick child back to health

Woman sneezing into tissue holding a mug

What Is a Head Cold?

Find out what causes a head cold, how it’s spread, and the possible treatments if you have one. Learn things you can do at home to relieve you of your symptoms.

Woman with sweater and scarf holding mug

Reasons Your Cold Won’t Go Away

Find out why you can’t get rid of your common cold with this guide from Theraflu. Learn what you can do at home to relieve your symptoms until you fully recover.

Close up cropped image thirsty woman holding glass drinks still water preventing dehydration

Staying Hydrated When Sick

Learn about the importance of staying hydrated when you’re sick with these tips from Theraflu. See what liquids are best to consume when under the weather.

Cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans

Can You Drink Coffee When You Feel Sick?

Answer your questions about drinking coffee while sick with Theraflu. It can be hard to start the day without coffee, but sometimes it’s better to skip it.

A woman sitting in a chair is holding a mug and blowing her nose into a tissue.

What Causes Frequent Colds?

Find out why you have frequent colds throughout the year. Learn things you can change in your everyday life to lower your risk of getting colds.

A woman is sitting in bed eating soup

Is Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever True?

Find out if that old saying, feed a cold, starve a fever is true. Learn Theraflu’s tips on how to relieve your symptoms whether you have a cold or a fever.

Woman sneezing into tissue with blanket around her shoulders

How to Get Rid of a Cold

Find out how to get rid of a cold fast with these tips from Theraflu. Learn what you can do at home to quickly relieve your runny nose, congestion, and cough.

A man is sitting on the sofa under a blanket blowing his nose

Getting Over the Common Cold

Discover tips and tricks for getting over the common cold with Theraflu. Learn more about what the common cold is and how to handle symptoms.

Man on couch with cool forehead compress and thermometer

When to Call in Sick

Find out when you should stay home from work if you’re sick. Learn suggestions from Theraflu on how to determine if your symptoms are contagious.

Woman coughing into her arm

Cold and Flu Prevention

Discover methods from Theraflu for cold and flu prevention. Learn what you can do at home, in school, at work, and outside to lower your risk of getting sick.

woman exercising at the gym

Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

Learn if you should work out when you are sick. Discover Theraflu’s tips on exercising so that you can look your best even when you’re not feeling your best.

sick person lying in bed with forehead compress

Cold and Flu Season Tips

Discover Theraflu’s cold and flu season tips to lower your risk of getting sick. Learn how changing your diet, exercising, and cleaning more may help you.

Sick man eating soup

4 Foods and Drinks to Make When You Feel Sick

Learn about the best foods and drinks to make when you’re sick. Theraflu has a list of beverages and foods that may help relieve a cold or flu.

Woman sneezing in the winter

Why Do I Get Sick in the Winter?

Find out why people tend to get sick in the winter. Theraflu has a list of reasons why cold and flu season tends to be in the colder months.

Doctor speaking with patient

Top 3 Reasons You Need to See a Doctor Annually

Learn why you should see your doctor for your yearly check-up, even if you are healthy. Theraflu has some of the top reasons to see your doctor annually.