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Find out different ways to prevent getting sick throughout the year.

There are simple ways to lower your risk of getting a cold, the flu, or allergies throughout the year. Explore our informative articles about steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick. Learn prevention methods you can use at home, at work, with your children, and around others to keep everyone safe and healthy.

mother and children walk while wearing face masks

Should I Wear a Face Mask for Flu Protection? 

Learn whether or not it’s advisable to wear a face mask for flu protection with Theraflu. We discuss when wearing a face mask for the flu is the right call.

Person wearing blue pants and white shoes standing behind a yellow line on the sidewalk

What is Social Distancing

Learn from Theraflu about what social distancing is and how it can help lower your chances of getting sick. Discover its benefits when around other people

Bottle of clear hand sanitizer on a table next to face masks

Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Washing

Find out when Theraflu recommends you should sanitize your hands and when you should wash your hands. Learn the benefits and effectiveness of each method.

A seated woman is pouring pills from a bottle into her hand

Understanding When to Use Antibiotics

Learn more about antibiotics and their purpose with Theraflu. Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and have no effect on viral infections.

Person washing hands with foaming hand soap under a faucet

How to Wash Your Hands

Learn how to wash your hands properly so that you lower your chances of getting sick. Discover Theraflu’s best hand washing techniques to minimize germs.

Person applying hand sanitizer from a clear bottle to their hands

Do Hand Sanitizers Really Help Kill Germs?

Discover how hand sanitizers work in giving your hands a temporary cleaning. Learn tips from Theraflu on when and how often you should use hand sanitizer.

Chicken soup

Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes

Discover Theraflu’s recommended recipes for a chicken soup that’s good enough to comfort your throat. Find a recipe that’s easy to cook and good to eat.

Person pulling a silver suitcase in an airport

How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel Season

Get all the information you need to stay healthy while travelling during the holidays. Learn how to support your immune system with these tips from Theraflu.

Woman in flannel spraying counter surface

How to Clean Your House After Someone Gets Sick

Discover how to properly clean your house after someone gets sick with these tips from Theraflu. Learn where and when to clean along with what products to use.

A close up of a woman drinking green tea from a glass mug

Best Drinks and Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Boost your immune system with nutrient-packed foods and drinks. Learn which foods can help you fight off a cold or the flu with this guide from Theraflu.

Tomatoes, onions, olives, meat on wooden boards

Immune System Boosting Tips

Learn tips for a healthier immune system from Theraflu. Discover how positive changes in diet and lifestyle can reduce the chances of getting a cold or flu.

A doctor is giving a person an injection

Healthy Ways to Travel During Flu Season

Get helpful tips from Theraflu on traveling during flu season, including getting a flu shot and keeping your hands clean, so you can travel with confidence.