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MYTH 1: Feed a cold and starve a fever (or vice versa).

TRUTH: Either way it’s wrong. Eat healthy to get healthy.1

MYTH 2: Antibiotics cure colds and flu.

TRUTH: The cold and flu are viruses. Antibiotics only work on bacterial infections.2

MYTH 3: Cold weather causes a cold.

TRUTH: Cold temperatures with low absolute humidity levels can increase transmission of viruses.3

MYTH 4: Drinking milk produces more mucus.

TRUTH: It has no impact on mucus production but it is full of vitamins and minerals.4

MYTH 5: The flu vaccine can give you the flu.

TRUTH: The virus in the vaccine is inactive and can’t cause an infection.5

MYTH 6: Sweat it out.

TRUTH: Dehydration can make you feel worse. Drink lots of fluids.1


FACT 1: Go for a steam.

Inhaling steam loosens mucus and opens blocked airways.4

FACT 2: Gargle with salt water.

A sore throat can be soothed by gargling with warm water mixed with salt.6

FACT 3: Eat chicken soup.

The steam helps with congestion while the broth keeps you hydrated.6

FACT 4: Blow your nose often.

Sniffling can encourage a sinus infection.7

FACT 5: Cool mists help.

Humidifiers can help ease nasal congestion.6

FACT 6: Hog the pillows.

An extra pillow elevates the head to open nasal passages and drain congestion.7

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