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Older woman experiencing chest congestion on park bench

Chest Congestion Remedies: How to Treat Chest Congestion

Are you battling chest congestion? Chest congestion, or the buildup of mucus or phlegm in the chest, can be a frustrating and uncomfortable. However, there are several easy chest congestion remedies you can try to help manage symptoms. Read this article from Theraflu, and find out how to relieve chest congestion today.

What Exactly Is Chest Congestion?

Chest congestion is a non-medical term used to describe the buildup of fluids and mucus in the lungs. Mucus helps protect your body from infection.i However, if your body makes too much mucus, it can be uncomfortable and cause congestion. Signs and symptoms of chest congestion vary but include coughing and wheezing or difficulty breathing.ii

What Causes Chest Congestion?

Chest congestion can be caused by a number of factors. Often, chest congestion is a symptom of cold or flu.iii Other potential causes of chest congestion include:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Cystic Fibrosisiv

Chest Congestion Remedies

If you have chest congestion caused by cold or flu, symptoms are usually temporary. Waiting it out can definitely be bothersome, but there are some chest congestion remedies you can try in the meantime to help make it through and manage. Here are a few simple remedies we recommend to help clear up chest congestion:

  • Take a steamy shower or bath. Not only will this feel comforting and help the airways open up,v but the steam can also help clear nasal congestion.
  • Get a humidifier. There are a few different types of humidifiers to choose from, including cool mist humidifiers and steam vaporizers. Humidifiers help add moisture to the air, which can be helpful to loosen the mucus in your chest and make it easier to cough
  • Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of fluids helps keep mucus thin and keeps you more comfortable. Stick to beverages like water or hot tea with honey. Consider trying a cup of ginseng to help fight your cold.
  • Get plenty of rest. Sleep is an effective tool to help you during your recovery. If you’re finding it hard to sleep, try elevating your head with an extra pillow. This might help make breathing easier if you’re congested.
  • Gargle salt water. Warm water may help loosen mucus and soothe your throat if it feels irritated.
  • Try Theraflu Cough Relief. Our over-the-counter cough medicine can help relieve cough and chest congestion symptoms.

We hope you found this article on how to get rid of chest congestion helpful, and that you now have a few chest congestion remedies on hand to help you recover. Feel better soon!

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