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Cold or flu symptoms have unexpectedly hit and now you need relief. You grab your box of Theraflu® ExpressMax® Caplets, swallow the caplets down, and you instantly feel the warming sensation, letting you know that powerful relief is on the way. Pretty soon, your symptoms are taking a nice long timeout so you can power through your schedule.

This warming sensation is unique to Theraflu® ExpressMax® Caplets. But how does the one and only cold and flu caplet that offers this warming sensation work? Let’s break it down.

The warming sensation comes from the caplets’ flavoring technology, which is a special coating containing multiple “cooling” and “heating” ingredients.

These affect the pores on our nerve cells and changes the electrical activity of cells located in our mouth, throat, skin, etc. This is the same change that would take place if something cold or hot came into contact with a cell.

The cell interprets those ingredients in the coating as a change in temperature and sends that information to the brain. The Theraflu® coating is designed to dissolve quickly, resulting in a near instantaneous warming sensation.

So there you have it folks. Science at its’ finest, bringing you an instant warming sensation that you won’t find with any other cold and flu caplet.

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