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4 Foods and Drinks to Make When You Feel Sick

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Feeling ill? Here’s what to eat and drink

When cold and flu symptoms hit hard, even the most avid cook may decide to avoid the kitchen in favor of a comfy couch and blanket.

If you’re suffering from a bad case of the sniffles or dealing with body aches that just make you want to sleep for days, why not try one of these simple, soothing foods? They’re not only good for you, but they also require minimal prep, which means you can travel from the kitchen to that comfy couch in no time.

What To Eat And Drink When You’re Sick

1. Soup

Your mom always said chicken soup was good for curing colds, and now science may be backing her up! A study from 2000 suggests chicken soup may provide “a mild anti-inflammatory effect” thanks in part to all the vegetables usually added in. So when soothing your cold symptoms with soup this winter, don’t forget the veggies!

2. Green Tea

Tea is a wonderful, warm drink for the colder months, and a few studies on green tea suggest the possibility of preventive effects on influenza, or the flu, and common cold. When choosing a green tea to brew up, make sure to look for something that is as natural and as unprocessed as possible.

3. Caramelized Veggies

All you need to make this super nutritious, quick snack are a sheet pan and a bunch of washed veggies like carrots, onions, peppers, brussels sprouts, squash, and mushrooms. Roughly chop everything, add seasonings of choice, and roast in the oven until everything turns golden brown. The vitamins and minerals in the vegetables are exactly what your immune system craves, and the delicious caramelized flavor will make you want to eat the entire thing.

4. Oatmeal

For as easy as it is to make (just add boiling water to a cup of dried oats), oatmeal is a nutritious meal, full of quality carbohydrates, protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It’s a healthy, comforting option for those dealing with sore throats and a good way to keep your strength up when cold and flu symptoms are wearing you down. When choosing a type of oatmeal, make sure to buy a natural, unprocessed brand with as little added sugar as possible.

Try Some Theraflu

If none of the above food and drinks are doing it for you and you actually have work to do on a day when those cold and flu symptoms are dragging you down, mix up a packet of Theraflu Daytime Severe Cold & Cough Hot Liquid Powder with hot water. You’ll have a warm and soothing cup of Theraflu that can help power you through the day while temporarily relieving tough symptoms like minor sore throat pain, fever, cough, and sinus congestion.